For the latter part of Winter and into Spring I have been doing a series of videos on my Instagram page (shameless plug where I transcribe small pieces of my favorite drummers playing. If you have been following the series, you may have noticed that a lot of the transcriptions I choose to do are incredibly small chunks of vocab. Like one measure or less, and sometimes even just a few notes. This is because when I am listening to drummers I dig, I find that in order to actually gain some ideas from their playing that I can practice right now it is necessary to do so. Sometimes if you try to look at the whole picture it can be quite overwhelming. Looking at things in smaller pieces is easier to digest, and more realistic to actually practice right now in this very moment.

I had been getting requests to transcribe some swing, and I thought Tony Williams solo on Miles Davis’ “Seven Steps To Heaven” would be a cool solo to learn. If you are a drummer and you don’t know who Tony Williams is, go google him right now and spend the rest of the day listening to him. In fact, even if you aren’t a drummer, go do that anyways. Trust me it will be fun. I decided to transcribe the whole solo because, you know, why not? But once I did that the first thing I thought was how can myself, my students, and the average drummer learn from this? I ended up taking 4 licks from the solo that really stood out to me and broke them down in a video lesson. I’ll attach a link to that video as well as the whole solo transcription here for you guys to check out. Try and see what you can do with these 4 simple ideas from the video.

I hope you find this stuff to be helpful on your drumming journey! Thank you for reading and make sure you stop over to my YouTube, Instagram, and FB to keep up. I post lessons, transcriptions, and general drum related stuff all the time.


video lesson:

Tony Williams Seven Steps to Heaven Solo.png